About Us

Who are We?

Dr. Qaisar Hamed Metawea Law Firm is a full-service law firm established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a commitment to providing and implementing complete innovative legal solutions to satisfy our diverse Clientele.

Why Us?

Our valuing of commitment, professionalism, teamwork, diversity, and innovation distinguishes us in the Saudi legal market.


These core values embody who we are. We strive to translate our values to a work culture that guarantees reliable legal services to satisfy both our Clients and the Saudi legal system.

Our Values


We believe that the best legal solutions begin with a commitment to understanding each Client’s individual needs. 

We focus on knowing each individual Client’s business and goals to translate them to legal frameworks that satisfy both the Client and the Saudi legal requirements.


We uphold a culture of professionalism throughout the Firm and commit to establishing a bilingual qualified team that maintains proficient language of the law and adheres to the very highest service standards in the legal profession. 

We are fully dedicated to meeting Client deadlines, service expectations, and maintaining Client information in the strictest confidentiality. 


We fulfill Clients’ need for work optimization and recognize that the best legal solutions are created for our Clients through teamwork and efficient project management. 

Our team works together to combine diverse backgrounds, academic distinction, and practical experience in a variety of sectors to synthesize the most efficient legal products for our Clients.


We value the diversity of our Clients, team members, practice areas and legal services, and strive to utilize this diversity to achieve the satisfaction of each Client. 

Our team offers a range of bilingual services to a diverse Clientele, ranging from international and local law firms, business consulting firms, multinational companies, governmental authorities, startup accelerators, and individuals.


The Firm prides its ability to produce solutions that are not only practical, but also innovative and able to meet the dynamic market needs. 

We understand and anticipate changes to the often complex and changing regulatory environment in Saudi Arabia, thus use our experience to advise our Clientele with practical and flexible solutions to their evolving legal needs.