Our Practice Areas

Our diverse team is equipped to provide full-services to our Clients in a wide-range of practice areas.


We combine our legal experience with our business proficiency to fully understand our Clients’ needs and offer a wide range of services in this area, ensuring Client satisfaction in the following services:


  • Corporate due diligence;

  • Drafting shareholders agreements and company by-laws;

  • Corporate structuring and restructuring solutions;

  • Company formations and conversions;

  • Drafting of internal regulations, organization policies and procedures;

  • Drafting shareholders resolutions;

  • Advising on mergers and acquisitions;

  • Advising on corporate governance; and

  • Company liquidations and bankruptcy procedures.


We provide full services pertaining to commercial transactions, starting from advising on possible transaction structures and full compliance with local laws and Shari’ah regulations, to drafting and review of agreements, up to registration before the company whenever required. 

We excel at the following commercial transactions:

  • Agency and distribution agreements;
  • Franchise agreements; 
  • Sale and purchase agreements;
  • Investment agreements; 
  • Financial transactions; and
  • Islamic financing. 

Foreign Direct Investment

We utilize our experience and close relationship with the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) to offer a wide range of legal services to facilitate and ease the process of foreign direct investment, including:

  • Advising on all aspects of investment in all applicable sectors; 
  • Advising on local law compliance;
  • Assisting with executing required documentation; 
  • Registering foreign investment licenses and their renewals; 
  • Forming different legal structures such as Joint-stock, LLCs, branch offices, and technical offices. 


The Firm’s professional working relationship with the Saudi Ministry of Labor has granted us the expertise and know-how in providing precise and accurate drafting and interpretation of the Saudi labor laws and regulations, which we utilize to protect our Clients’ interests.

We provide the following services pertaining to employment law:

  • Advising Clients on intricate employment law issues; 
  • Providing legal solutions to resolve employment issues;
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts; 
  • Drafting and reviewing internal work policies; 
  • Providing employee transfer solutions subsequent to company restructuring;
  • Presenting labor law workshops.

Intellectual Property Law

The Firm is a forerunner in Saudi Arabian intellectual property law. We pride ourselves on being among the first well-established law firms to provide specialized intellectual property law services in Saudi Arabia. 

The team currently includes three intellectual property law specialists, who excel at providing full services to Clients pertaining to Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents, including:

  • Conducting intellectual property right audits;
  • Advising on optimized and efficient intellectual property protection strategies;
  • Drafting and reviewing intellectual property manufacturing, licensing, transfer, assignment and investment agreements;
  • Patent prosecutions; and
  • Trademark registrations and renewals.


The Firm proudly advises the pioneers of the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia, and provides full services pertaining to entertainment law in Saudi Arabia in many entertainment industries, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing of scriptwriting, editorial and production contracts;
  • Drafting and reviewing distribution deals;
  • Drafting and reviewing production financing agreements; and
  • Drafting and reviewing of various commercial exploitation agreements; and
  • Advising and analysing productions rights issues.

Information Technology & Telecommunications

The Firm combines its expertise in intellectual property and commercial laws to offer pioneering Clients solutions in information technology law, including:

  • Advising on e-commerce solutions in compliance with local laws and Shari’ah principles;
  • Drafting and reviewing website and application terms and conditions;
  • Drafting and reviewing privacy policies; and
  • Advising on cybersecurity and data protection issues; and 
  • Advising on licensing mechanisms and requirements pertaining to cloud computing services and other IT activities.

Energy & Environment

Our Firm is equipped to provide services pertaining to energy and environmental law, and has represented energy companies, such as Power Tower, regarding providing services to the Saudi Electricity Company, and many national and international entities in this field. 

We provide the following services pertaining to energy and environment law:

  • Advising on regulatory compliance and other environmental issues;
  • Drafting and reviewing power supply agreements; and
  • Advising on international environmental treaties. 


The Firm prides itself on its prominent and forerunning experience in Saudi aviation law. 

The Firm is among the few Saudi law firms with experience in mega government and private projects pertaining to chartering and managing aircrafts, and provide a diverse range of services in this practice area, including the drafting and review of the following agreements:

  • Aircraft chartering agreements;
  • Aircraft purchasing agreements;
  • Aircraft management agreements;
  • Ground-handling agreements;
  • Build-Operate-Transfer agreements pertaining to airport properties; and
  • Purchasing fuel agreements. 


The Firm has experience in advising Clients on transactions and commercial arrangements affected by the Saudi Maritime Law to ensure their compliance with local laws.



Real Estate

We support our Clients in completing all real estate transactions, starting with providing compensative advice, and up to carrying out the required governmental procedures to close the transactions. 

Our services pertaining to real estate transactions include:

  • Drafting and review of asset purchase agreements;
  • Advising on real estate transfer transactions;
  • Drafting and review of real estate marketing agreements; 
  • Drafting and review of construction agreements; and
  • Drafting and review of lease agreements.


The Firm is up to date on the dynamic tax environment in Saudi Arabia and works closely with tax consultants to advise on compliance with the emerging local tax regulations. The Firm also advises on and implements innovative tax solutions that meet Client priorities.


We represent many of our clients in disputes relating to our practice areas, before many Saudi Arabian courts and tribunals, including:

  • The Administrative Courts (Board of Grievances);
  • The Commercial Courts;
  • The Labor Courts;
  • The General Courts;
  • The Enforcement Court; and
  • Semi-Judicial Committees.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Firm assists clients by obtaining settlement and resolution of disputes in connection with our Firm’s practice areas via a number of alternative dispute resolution methods, including arbitration and mediation.